Research Corner

Research by Topic Conducted by our Coalition Partners, Funders, and Other Relevant Organizations 

Cliff Effects

Combining Earnings with Public Supports: Cliff Effects in Massachusetts.
Communities & Banking. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Winter 2017.
Authors: Randy Albelda and Michael Carr

The Road to the Cliff Edge: Understanding Financial Gaps Faced by Workers and Job Seekers
The Center for Social Policy, 2017
Authors: Susan Crandall and Marija Bingulac

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Closer Look at Cliff Effects in Massachusetts
The Center for Social Policy, June 2016.
Authors: Randy Albelda and Michael Carr

Improving Access to Support Services for Families

Guidebook to Social Services for MassHealth ACOs
Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts, 2017.
Authors: Brandynn Holgate, Marija Bingulac, and Heather MacIndoe

Mothers Know Best: At the Intersection of Low-Wage Work, Public Assistance, and Child Care.
9to5 Justice for Working Women, 2017.
Authors: Lisa Dodson, Françoise Carré, and Linda Meric

Characteristics of Extremely Low-Income Families in Massachusetts 
The Center for Social Policy, 2015.
Author: Marija Bingulac

Housing and Homelessness

Family Experiences of Homelessness in Massachusetts: the Case for Family-Centered Care
Homes for Families, 2017.
Authors:Carmela J. DeCandia, Marvin So, and Libby Hayes

Evidence Based Stabilization: A Solution to Reduce Family Homelessness in Massachusetts
Homes for Families, 2017.
Author:Carmela J. DeCandia

Can Subsidized Housing Help Address Homelessness in New England?
New England Public Policy Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2015.
Authors: Robert Clifford and Osborne Jackson