May 10th Coalition Meeting

Topic : Economic Mobility programs: Components, Outcomes and Families’ Perspective

We hosted 3 organizations to talk about their economic mobility program models, their different components, outcomes and perspective of families who participated in the programs.

Metro Housing Self Sufficiency Program

  • Susan Nohl, Deputy Director at Metro Housing Boston

Mobility Mentoring program by EMPath 

  • Ruthie Liberman, Vice President for Public Policy at EMPath (Economic Mobility Pathways)

Workforce Development and Employer Partnerships program

  • Patricia Pestana, Program Manager at Project Hope

The Economic Mobility Commission that On Solid Ground is advocating for in the current legislative and budget cycle will:

  • Identify program components that help participants increase their incomes and become more stable in their housing;
  • Examine “cliff effects” and provide policy recommendations to ensure people increase their housing stability and economic mobility as their incomes increase, rather than being worse off as benefit programs decrease or end and their incomes aren’t enough to make ends meet; and
  • Determine ways to adjust assistance in response to changes in income tied to minimum wage increases