On Solid Ground Policy Priorities for 2019-2020

The new legislative session has begun and On Solid Ground will be moving forward, collaborating with our members and more organizations on a shared policy agenda for 2019-2020 building on the current efforts and policy wins.

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On Solid Ground Advocacy Priorities

Finding right solutions to address family homelessness and cliff effects start with getting accurate and aggregate data on program utilization and outcomes. Analyzing this data is crucial to make better policy and funding decisions and help struggling families become economically stable. Our main legislative priorities focus on accessing necessary data and other initiatives to further economic mobility for families.

 An Act Relative to Economic Mobility for Families with Low-Income (HD.2519/ SD.910) Click here for the Fact sheet.

Filed by Rep. Aaron Vega & Sen. Jason Lewis

This bill directs the Secretariats to study the impacts of minimum wage increases on cliff effects and accordingly make changes in assistance programs to avoid the cliffs. The bill also makes data and information around economic mobility and assistance programs more accessible to families so that they are better informed and can benefit from the available resources.

An Act Providing for Coordinated Data and Assistance to Address Family Homelessness (SD.1433). Click here for the fact sheet.

Filed by Sen. Comerford

This bill increases data transparency and system coordination by directing state agencies to report on certain homelessness related measures and their current system coordination efforts to improve access to support services to families. The bill also makes benefit program information more accessible to families through an agency telephone hotline and website.

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As the Legislative session ended in July 2018, On Solid Ground had many legislative and budget wins.

Outcomes of On Solid Ground Policy Priorities in 2017-2018