Jan 11 Full Coalition Meeting


Taking Forward On Solid Ground’s Advocacy Priorities

  1. Welcome and Introductions 
  1. Advocacy Updates
    1. February 7th is the Joint Rule Day – last day for Joint Committees to report out pending bills.
  2. Status of each OSG priority bill:
  • Click here for the list of OSG’s Legislative priorities
  • An Act Relative to Interagency Efforts to Reduce and Prevent Homelessness (H.2245/ S.725). Click here for the fact sheet.
    • This Memorandum of Understanding bill is pending in the Joint Committee on Housing. Advocacy is needed for the bills to be reported favorably out of the Committee.
    • Please contact the members of Joint Committee on Housing to advocate reporting the bills out of the committee before Feb 7th. Contact info below:

Click here for Joint Committee on Housing info.

  1. OSG Budget Priorities FY19

System Coordination:

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Add language in the budget for the MOU, legislation pending
  • Establish a Common Application for SNAP and MassHealth
    • Add language in the budget/ funding request
    • Feasibility report to the legislature by January 2018

Affordable Housing:

  • Line item7004-9024: Restore funding to $120M to the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program; increase the Fair Market Rent Cap.
    • Funding increased from $86.5M to $92.7 in FY18; income eligibility increased from 50% to $80%; voucher management system funding granted
    • Reporting requirements

Support Services:

  • Line item7004-0108: Amend HomeBASE language to allow renewals in certain cases
    • Also ensure that all homeless families in domestic violence shelters and residential recovery programs have access to HomeBASE rather than limiting eligibility to a pilot program
  • Commission to study self Sufficiency programs
    • Add language to the budget, Economic Mobility legislation pending
  • Line item 7002-1080: “Lean to Earn” program
    • Funded at $1M in FY18, ask for continued investment to allow expenditure on cliff effect tool
  • Line item 7004-0101: Emergency Assistance
    • Adjustment to income cap/6-month clock so that clock does not apply until and unless income is sustained for a period of 90 consecutive days
  • Child Care Access for families who are homeless
    • Add Bill language in the budget
  • Line item 1599-0043: Childcare Rare Reserve Fund – continued investment of $15M
    • Funded at $15M in FY18 from $12.5 in FY17
  • Line item 4403-2000: Lift the TAFDC family cap so that all children in TAFDC-eligible families receive assistance
    • Add Bill language in the budget
  • Line item 7030-1500: Maintain Head Start funding at $9.1M
    • Funded at $9.1 in FY18


  • Continued investment in data system and staffing
  1. Next Steps
    1. Contact members of Joint Committee on Housing to advocate for favorably reporting out the MOU bill and Economic Mobility Bill.
    2. Set up meetings with DTA, EEC to advocate for focus on Child Care and early education to mitigate Cliff effects.


  1. Announcements
    1. Cookie Day – Feb 7th – Homes For Families
    2. Legislative Action Day – Feb 27th – Mass Coalition for Homeless
    3. Commonwealth Workforce Coalition Conference – May 3rd – Center for Social Policy, UMass


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