Nov 9 Meeting minutes

Welcome and Introductions

Overview of On Solid Ground (OSG) Retreat

  1. Workforce Data Quality Slides
  2. A Retreat to plan for year four of OSG’s work was held on October 21st, 2017 with the Steering Committee.
    • Being Reflective, Brave & Accountable were intentions for future OSG work.
  3. Evaluation Survey showed 92.5%-member satisfaction rate with OSG work.
    • Survey was conducted with the Coalition members to assess the alignment of goals and research and advocacy efforts with the organization members prior to the retreat. 28% members responded to the survey.
  4. OSG has had significant accomplishments in the past year. Click here for OSG accomplishments.

 OSG Legislative Effort on Data sharing

  1. The Coalition identified the need for coordination between state agencies for better service delivery to people with area median incomes below 30%.
  2. To address this need, OSG has proposed two legislations:

This legislation establishes a memorandum of understanding to provide a structure for concrete interagency work through data sharing and regular meetings.

This bill encourages data sharing and evidence based policy by creating a commission to study self-sufficiency programs across the state to help shape an economic mobility and financial stability program.

Workforce Solutions Group (WSG) Presentation

  1. Click here for the WSG presentation.
  2. The Workforce Solutions Group advocates for an effective training and education system that increases workers’ skills, advances families to self-sufficiency and promotes job creation and economic growth.
  3. WSG identifies the need for resources for job training and national workforce data on impact of job trainings leading to higher wages.
  4. WSG proposed An Act Relative to Ensuring Quality Education and Training Programs (S674). Click here for the Fact sheet.
    • Filed by the late Senator KenDonnelly, the bill would make outcome data like wage attainment and college completion rates available to consumers on a timely basis to better inform consumer choices and options.
  5. It would give policy makers new tools to better inform the state’s workforce and education planning strategies. The bill is supported by the National Skills Coalition Workforce Data Quality Campaign.
  6. WSG’s Memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed in Sept 2017.
    • Click here for the MOU.
    • WSG advocated for a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Executive Offices of Education, Labor & Workforce Development, Dept. of Higher Education and few more.
  7. Click here for Massachusetts statistics on Workforce development.
  8. Click here for Launch Board created by California’s Community College system to evaluate and adjust their career and technical education program.
  9. Click here to read the report Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills.

 Legislative Updates

  1. Housing Bond Bill (H.3925)
  • OSG’s Affordable Housing priority, An Act Financing the Production & Preservation of Housing for Low & Moderate Income Residents (H.3925) was voted out favorably by the Joint Committee on Housing in September. The bill moved to the House Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets with the hearing held on Nov 1st. The Committee is expected the report the bill out soon before moving to House Ways and Means and then to a vote before the full House of Representatives. The bill will then be sent to the Senate to go through a similar process.

2. Veto Overrides

  • The House and Senate took up most of the vetoes but no OSG budget priorities were vetoed this year.

3. OSG Meeting with Key Legislators

  • OSG team had a joint meeting with Sen. Lewis (Chairperson, Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development & Joint Committee on Public Health) Rep. Khan (Chairperson, Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities) and Sen. Lovely (Chairperson, Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities) to discuss cross committee efforts to further the OSG priority bills. The legislators showed interest to better understanding of cliff effects and their impact on policy.
  1. Childcare Assistance (H.2796/ S.257) Hearing held on Nov 21st
    • Hearing on OSG’s priority bill, An Act Providing Immediate Childcare Assistance to Homeless Families (H.2796/ S.257) is being held on Nov 21st by Joint Committee on Children, Families And Persons With Disabilities.
    • Horizons for Homeless coordinated the testimony and OSG testified at the hearing.
    • Please contact Emily Levine at for more information.

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