The On Solid Ground Coalition (OSG), led by the Executive Committee made up of the Center for Social Policy (CSP), Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), and Homes for Families (HFF), is a diverse group of partners committed to improving housing stability and economic mobility for families living in Massachusetts through cross-sector research, evidence-informed advocacy, and family engagement.  The mission of the On Solid Ground Coalition (OSG) is to improve housing stability and economic mobility through a cross-sector research, evidence-informed advocacy, and family engagement in our 4 main areas of focus:



Advance system coordination and efficiency to improve access to support services for families

Improve system coordination between different state agencies for better service delivery and increase investment in services that provide economic mobility for families with extremely low-incomes (incomes of less than 30% of the area median income). A coordinated system can help prevent homelessness, minimize cliff effects and provide case management to support housing and economic stability.



Combat cliff effects by changing policies that cause families to lose benefits due to higher earnings           

Adjust programs and improve policies so that slight increases in income do not cause families economic hardships due to loss of supports or “cliff effects”.



Support efforts for increasing resources and opportunities for affordable housing 

Expand the stock of affordable housing as well as rental assistance vouchers for households with extremely low-incomes; preserve existing privately and publicly subsidized homes.



Establish data collection and sharing system to enable evidence-driven policy design

Collect and analyze data and track progress within state agencies and their nonprofit partners towards an agreed upon set of goals related to housing stability and economic mobility.


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